Mondraker Level / Crafty R (2021-22) Charge Port Cover

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eBikePrints have redesigned a solution to the pesky charge port covers for the Mondraker Level and Crafty R 2021-2022 Bosch System Ebikes.

The originals often come lose or get lost due to the pin design which holds them to the port. We have designed a 3D printed TPU flexible plastic replacement which is robust, adding extra pins to match the Bosch charge plug, but still keeping to the original shape of the cap so as not to ruin the look of the bike.

We even offer a variety of colours for you to customise your bike! Features of the custom charge port cover include:

  • Custom designed and manufactured part by 3D printing in the UK, not available elsewhere. This is not a simply downloaded and re-printed part!
  • Designed to encompass all the available pins on the charge port to keep the cover nice and secure.
  • Added additional sealing 'lip' which matches the Bosch Charge plug to help prevent dirt ingress.
  • Designed to be robust, printed from TPU flexible plastic which can bend and flex without causing damage, yet is rigid enough to hold its shape and protect the charge port.
  • Geometry design to be a direct replacement of the original without any need to modify the existing parts.
  • Available in a variety of colours to match your bikes colour scheme!

As with all our 3D printed parts, please be aware that the surface finish is not smooth. Due to the FDM 3D printing process, layer lines will be visible and small imperfections. These are generally not noticeable and they do not affect the parts function or strength. Please see photos for example finish.