Cube Stereo / Reaction Hybrid Abus Bosch Battery Lock Surround Cap

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eBikePrints have designed and manufactured a spare / replacement plastic lock surround cap for the Cube Stereo and Reaction Hybrid eBikes battery lock.

We found that the original lock surround plastic kept falling off, and the tolerance of the fit was less than ideal.

Our custom part is 3D printed from a flexible TPU plastic, and sized perfect to achieve a good fit. It also comes in a large variety of colours so you can bling your bike (even though it's hidden away...)

As with all our 3D printed parts, please be aware that the surface finish is not smooth. Due to the FDM 3D printing process, layer lines will be visible and small imperfections. These are generally not noticeable and they do not affect the parts function or strength. Please see photos for example finish.