e*Thirteen E Spec Alloy Crank Protector Boots (Pair)

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Use protection ;) Protect those e*Thirteen E Spec cranks that came with your expensive eBike. Although crank arms can put up with lots of abuse, no one likes taking gouges out of the end of their expensive new kit. We have designed custom crank arm boots for the e*Thirteen E Spec Alloy ebike cranks so you can keep yours in tip top shape.

Made from 3D printed 2mm thick flexible TPU, the boots provide extremely tough protection. Unlike other cheap generic silicone protectors on the market, the TPU protector conforms snugly to perfectly fit the e*Thirteen cranks and is not loose or "baggy". The TPU plastic is also tougher and doesn't just stretch when you clip a rock, instead it stays put and protects the cracks.

To install, simply remove the pedal, slip the TPU boot over the end of the crank and reattach your pedal. 

Available in a variety of different colours too! Included:

2x Crank Boot Protectors, 3D Printed, TPU in colour you choose.