Cube Stereo Hybrid 160/140 Pivot Plugs

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Due to popular demand from the Cube eBike community we have designed and produced sealing plugs for the Stereo Hybrid range to cover the holes on the suspension pivot linkage (4x holes) and also 2x motor mount bolt holes on the frame.

For installation instructions see:

Supplied are 6x TPU flexible plastic plugs designed to fit perfectly on the bike to prevent dirt build, protecting the bolts and bearings from moisture. Features include:

  • Shaped perfectly to be flush when fitted
  • Flexible TPU material enables a tight fit to seal the hole
  • Ridge design to improve sealing
  • Notches to allow removal using small flat head screw driver

We supply 4x Plugs for the suspension linkage, and 2x Plugs for the frame (motor mount bolt holes) - Please see the pictures. You can select the colour of the 4 and 2 plugs to match your bike.

Note: Install these plugs with the notches facing outward, otherwise they will be very difficult to remove! Also, take care when removing as to avoid scratching the paint with the screw driver.

As with all our 3D printed parts, please be aware that the surface finish is not smooth. Due to the FDM 3D printing process, layer lines will be visible and small imperfections. These are generally not noticeable and they do not affect the parts function or strength. Please see photos for example finish.