'Jacked Up' Handle Bar Clamp Bike Maintenance Stands

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Time to get jacked up?? A problem with ebikes are the fragile displays and controllers mounted on the handlebars, they ofter stick out and mean that you cant flip the bike on its back without fear of damaging things for basic maintenance such as to clean the chain, change a tyre, or fixing a puncture.

That's why we have we designed the "Jacked Up" handlebar stands. These simply clamp onto the grips and keep your bar and fragile ebike parts clear of the ground! Key features:

  • Includes a pair (2x) of bar clamp stands
    Designed for grips of 30mm to 40mm in diameter
  • Provide 45mm of stand off between the ground and your bar grips
  • 4 degree angle in the stand to accomodate for typical handle bar rise angle
  • Built in flex acts like a spring to clamp onto the bar grip, staying in place while you flip the bike over
  • Single piece TPU plastic - simple construction, no moving parts to break or fragile plastic to snap
  • Robust - Rigid enough to support your ebike, but material is flexible and robust enough to be thrown around without breaking
  • Lightweight and compact - approx. 40g for a pair, compact design, can be thrown in your kit box or at the bottom of your bag when your're out and about