Cube Stereo / Reaction Hybrid Screwless Frame Cable Guide Grommet (set of 2)

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Fed up of the annoying and overly complicated screwed cable guide design that the Cube Stereo and Reaction Hybrid come with? EBikePrints have designed and manufactured custom replacement cable grommet guides for the frame routed cables, removing the need for the annoying backing block and screw design.

Included are 2x flexible grommets, features include:

  • 1 piece grommet designed to full replace the original outer plate, backing block and screws
  • Simply slip over the cables, and push into place, held in place by a flexible lip on the inside of the grommet
  • 3D printed from flexible TPU plastic for robustness and to create a perfect seal with the curve of the frame
  • Oversized design is 5mm larger than the original improving the sealing of the frame hole
  • Available with 1, 2 or 3x 5mm diameter routing holes (select option with colour)
  • Available in a variety of custom colours to match your colour scheme

As with all our 3D printed parts, please be aware that the surface finish is not smooth. Due to the FDM 3D printing process, layer lines will be visible and small imperfections. These are generally not noticeable and they do not affect the parts function or strength. Please see photos for example finish.