Fork Steerer Plug with Apple AirTag Holder

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Note: we are not endorsing Apple Airtags for the purpose of tracking your bike, we only know that they are being used as a solution and simply have designed a part to help stash the tag away. We cannot say how well it works for the purpose as a tracker in this location so please make sure you do your own research first.

Unfortunately in this day and age there are theieving scumbags who think its okay to steal our well earned steeds. The biking commuity have discovered that Apple Airtags can work as a great low cost tracking solution in the event the bike goes missing.

But where can you stash the Airtag?? We've discovered that inside the fork steerer is ideal for some bikes! so we designed discrete plug options to hold it in place.


  • Does NOT include Apple Airtag - You have to purchase this seperately yourself
  • 2 designs available:
    • Plug with lip - This option is discrete and low profile, can be removed using a flat heat screw driven to pry the plug back down out the tube.
    • Plug without lip (recommended) - This option is very discrete, the plug can be pushed up into the steerer tube where it is not visibile. Also the only way to remove it is by removing the stem cap and using a long tool to push the plug back down and out.
  • Compatabile with forks:
    • Fox 34 (33.9mm Inner Diameter)
    • Fox 36 (32.5mm Inner Diameter)
    • Rockshox Zebs (31.8mm Inner Diameter)
    • Get in touch with measurements if you wish to purchase for another fork not listed (measurement needs to be accurate to +/-0.25mm)
  • Made from flexible TPU plastic which is robust and provides a snug fit
  • Snug fit with latest generation Apple Air tags which clip into the top end of the plug
  • 3M VHB double sided adhesive disc supplied for optional added security of the air tag coming loose inside the steerer
  • 2x 2mm drainage holes added at either side of the plug to allow any trapped water to drain out of the steerer