Fork Steerer Tube Bung

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Fed up of crud getting stuck up there? We're talking about your steerer tube of course... We've designed a simple steerer tube bung to plug up the hole and stop it getting filled with crud.


  • Made from flexible TPU plastic, robust and flexible for a tight fit
  • Designed specifically for each fork so it fits bang on without any tools - Currently available for:
    • Fox 34 (33.9mm Inner Diameter)
    • Fox 36 (32.5mm Inner Diameter)
    • Rockshox Zebs (31.8mm Inner Diameter)
    • Get in touch with measurements if you wish to purchase for another fork not listed (measurement needs to be accurate to +/-0.25mm)
  • 2mm drainage hole and tappered inner design so any moisture can drain out
  • Small recesses to aid removal using a flat head screw driver