Free STL Downloads

Generally we do not share our design files as they are our propriatry designs which take a lot of time, effort, testing and perfection into their creation, which is what makes our store what it is. But there are some designs which we are happy to share for free for those of you with your own printers to make yourselves. This page contains free downloadable STLs for your personal use.

By downloading these files you are agreeing to the following:

  • STLs are available for personal use only
  • We do not provide any warranty for the parts you create
  • Any use of these parts or files are at your own risk

Please find various parts listed below for download. We will also have most of these parts for sale from our store for those who don't have access to print themselves.


KTM Duke 890R


KTM Duke 890R Wing Mirror Hole Plugs [Download] [Purchase]

These are plugs and a cap which simply fit into the threaded hole for the wing mirrors to cover them up neatly, for those who run bar end mirrors or none at all. Designed to be printed from TPU flexible plastic, but may also work from other materials.

KTM Duke 790 / 890 / 890R Throttle Slop Spacer [Download]

These small spacers are designed to remove the slop from the throttle-by-wire throttles on the recent KTM Dukes (2020+). Simply fit the spacer between the notches on the throttle tube and the electronic throttle, and re-assemble the throttle. Designed to be printed from ABS Resin using SLS printer, may work from other materials and printers if tolerances can be met.

KTM Duke 790 / 890 / 890R Adhesive Plate Holder [Download] [Purchase]

This part was designed to be bolted onto the stock KTM tail assembly, and give some flat surface to enable a license plate to be stuck on using adhesive strips. Useful for anyone with small plates or 3D plates where drilling holes can be tough to get aligned but also not clashing with the letters.




BTWIN Rock Rider Battery Plug [Download] [Purchase]

Looking to protect your battery port on you rockrider when the battery is removed? We’ve created a small and robust port cover exactly for that. Designed to be printed from TPU Flexible plastic, but may work from other materials also.