Installing the Kiox Frame Mount

Installing the Kiox Frame Mount

Our custom Kiox frame mounting bracket is very simple to install. You can order yours here:

Before you use our mount we strongly recommend the following:

  • Check there is enough slack in the controller cable to avoid damaging it when the bars are turned
  • Check if the bars will clash with the Kiox when the bars are turned
  • Using a lanyard with your Kiox as a backup should the adhesive mount fail

We recommend that you follow this installation guide to get the best fit from our part.

1. Disassemble the original Kiox mount bracket

Use an allen key and unscrew the central bolt on the Kiox magnetic mounting plate. Remove carefully from the original bracket. Remove the bolt holding the connection pins to the magnetic part of the mount.

2. Assemble magnetic mounting

Re-route your cables as required and reassemble the pin connectors to the magnetic plate using the original allen key bolt

3. Feed the cables into the gap in the top of our bracket


4. Click the magnetic mount into the new bracket 
There is a notch at the top of the mount, ensure you feed the top of the magnetic plate into the bracket first, then click the bottom of the plate into position.

5. Secure the magnetic plate
Secure the plate into position using the supplied M3 allen key bolt and nip tight (be careful not to over-tighten)

6. Test Fit
Before fixing in place, attach the Kiox display and test fit the location. Check that the wires have enough slack and that the stem does not interfere with the display or cables.
NOTE: if you plan on using the retaining screw with the holder (the screw between the magnets) it must be fitted before the mount is stuck to the frame. It also will not be accessible after the mount is stuck down.

7. Prepare the area
Ensure the frame is free from dirt, oil, and is dry. Use the alcohol wipe supplied to prepare the surface. The better the surface preparation here, the stronger the bond with the bracket. Poor preparation will result in the adhesive not being strong.

8. Remove 3M Tape Backing
Using a knife or blade, carefully remove the backing from the 3M tape. Be careful not to remove or cut the adhesive strip itself.

9. Fix the mount to the frame
Ensure the area is prepared (step 7) and that it is dry and free from dust. Position the mount in the desired location, and carefully position the top of the mount in place. Take your time to get it perfect, once attached it will not be easy to remove.

Press down on the bracket firmly for about 2 minutes to ensure the adhesive strip is compressed.

11.Check the slack available in the controller cable
Turn the bars the full extend, check that the controller (mounted on the bar) cable has enough slack when the steering is turned as far as you want it. This may require the controller to be moved inward on the bars. 

12. Leave adhesive to cure (IMPORTANT!)
The adhesive strip takes 24 to 48 hours to fully cure. It is recommend that you do not use the bike for this period to ensure the bracket is at full strength.


And there you have it. A successfully fitted Kiox Frame Mount.